Should A Manager Be Liked?

Why are some managers more effective than others?   In the last few decades there has been a substantial amount of research that has verified the specific behaviors that can increase management effectiveness. One of the most surprising research findings was that great managers are liked by those they manage. 

The following are four reasons why management likeability is essential. Read More Should A Manager Be Liked? »
Laugh Your Way to More Sales

Greg was a sales person that I will never forget.  He would often barrage prospects with a seemingly endless supply of sarcastic remarks.  Though his first quip would usually inspire a grin, as the attempts at humor continued, prospects would become annoyed and then attempt to disengage from the sale.  In the end, Greg’s ineffective use of humor cost him sales.

Unfortunately, Greg is not alone.  Many sales people struggle to use humor in ways that enhance their ability to sell.  There is no doubt that when used effectively, humor is a valuable sales tool.  However, there is also compelling evidence that when clumsily deployed, humor will hinder the sale from occurring.    Read More Laugh Your Way to More Sales »

How to Upsell

One way that you can boost your sales is by upselling.  Yet, what is the most effective way to create these opportunities?   Here are four strategies that will increase the likelihood that prospects will respond favorably to your upselling attempts.  Read More How to Upsell »