Our Research

Research Driven, Sales Focused

At Hoffeld Group we believe that sales training should not be stagnant, but should evolve as our understanding of human behavior expands.  Unlike other sales training providers who have not touched their training content in years or even decades, we update our training courseware regularly to reflect the latest scientific findings. 

Through our extensive research, we have developed a powerful science-based sales approach that is enabling our clients to thrive in today’s tumultuous and competitive selling environment.

Research Emphasis

Our research focuses on four primary areas:

  1. Applying Science To Selling
    We pour over research studies and academic journals seeking to understand how the brain is wired to be influenced and create a buying decision. We then create sales strategies that leverage these powerful scientific insights and equip sales people to sell more. 
  2. Hiring Sales People   
    There is no single activity that will impact an organization’s sales success more than hiring the right sales people.  Yet, surveys indicate that even the best sales leaders make hiring decisions that they later regret.  We developed a sales specific, science-based hiring process – we call it Competence Hiring Method® – that’s been proven to significantly increase an organization’s ability to hire the right sales people. 
  3. Sales Performance Enhancement   
    Why do some sales people sell more than others? At Hoffeld Group we believe that the only reliable answer to this important question is one that is backed by scientific evidence.  We know what sales people need to obtain heightened levels of performance and we’ve developed a systemized way of evaluating sales performance and identifying the specific areas that when improved will significantly increase sales results. 
  4. Identifying How The Brain Formulates A Buying Decision  
    Our most significant research breakthrough was classifying how the human brain constructs a buying decision.  This innovative research revealed that buyers’ brains go through a repeatable and predictable process when making buying decisions.  (These mental steps are how buyers determine whether or not they will choose to purchase a product or service.)  We then created a simple, straightforward process that guides sales people in aligning how they sell with how buyers mentally create buying decisions, which dramatically improves sales effectiveness.
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