Why Hoffeld Group

So many sales people and sales leaders choose Hoffeld Group’s sales approach because it is unique for the following five reasons:

  1. Based On Proven Science
    The Hoffeld Group refuses to dabble in the conflicting opinions regarding how to sell.  The foundation of our sales approach is objective science, not conjecture.  We analyzed thousands of scientific studies and translated the findings into practical, sales specific concepts, strategies and tactics that will guide you in selling the way that your prospects’ brains form buying decisions.
  2. Scientifically Validated Delivery Process
    The Hoffeld Group Sales Training Process is based upon research in educational psychology, cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience that disclose how the human brain learns.  What’s more, our training process is also grounded in evidence from behavioral science, which has confirmed how elite performance is achieved. 
  3. Revolutionary Sales Research
    The Hoffeld Group has conducted research focused upon identifying the causal factors that enable a positive buying decision.  Our research revealed that prospects go through a predictable mental process when making buying decisions.  We then deconstructed this internal decision process into clear, quantifiable steps that guide sales people in aligning how they sell with how their prospects buy. 
  4. Customized Training Solutions
    Your  situation is unique.  As a result, we design a sales solution to meet your specific needs.  We offer customized, science-based sales solutions that encompass all aspects of sales improvement.
  5. Verifiable Results
    The results our clients achieve are amazingly consistent:  sales cycles shorten, market share grows and sales production skyrockets.  In short, when sales people align their behaviors with science, their interactions are enriched and so is their effectiveness.