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Our white papers are all backed by real science and deliver clear, actionable strategies that will increase your sales effectiveness.

The Science of Coaching Sales People

In this white paper, David Hoffeld writes about how a powerful scientific principle called Social Facilitation can significantly enhance a sales leader’s ability to coach and train sales people. David begins by explaining the scientific construct of Social Facilitation. He then clarifies why Social Facilitation is the basis for how athletes, firefighters, police officers and soldiers are trained and how that relates to the coaching and training of sales people. The white paper concludes with a practical analysis of how sales leaders can leverage Social Facilitation to more accurately evaluate their sales people.

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The Science of Motivating Sales People

Motivation matters! The very word “motivate” comes from the Latin mōtīvus, which literally means “to move.” Behavioral science research has confirmed that motivation is a prime influencer of human behavior. A person’s level of motivation even affects how his or her brain processes information. Neuroscientist John Rately affirms that motivation “determines how much energy and attention the brain and body assign to a given stimulus – whether it’s a thought coming in or a situation that confronts one.

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Selling with Stories

In this whitepaper, David Hoffeld provides readers with a clear understanding of how to effectively compose and convey the most powerful type of story that a sales person can share, a Third Party Story. David begins by disclosing why stories are so influential. He then reveals how sales people can construct Third Party Stories that are aligned with how the human brain instinctively processes and responds to stories. The white paper concludes with an explanation of how to persuasively communicate the four essential components of Third Party Stories.

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Should a Sales Mangager Be Liked?

This white paper answers the highly debated question, “Should a sales manager be liked?” With poignant wit and keen insight a compelling case is presented which reveals that likeability is a prerequisite for effective sales management. First, evidence is presented that clearly demonstrates that leadership is a relationship. Then an explanation is given regarding why management likability is so debated and often misunderstood. The whitepaper concludes by focusing on the essence of likeability and answering the question of why likability is an imperative for a sales manager.

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8 Questions to Ask when Considering a Sales Training Provider

Choosing a sales training provider is one of the most significant business decisions you will ever make. Sales people generate the revenue that keeps an organization alive. One of the biggest predictors of sales success is the training that sales people receive. Sales training, properly executed, equips sales people with the knowledge and skills to sell successfully in today’s challenging selling climate.

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Mirror More. Sell More.

In this white paper, sales expert David Hoffeld tackles the controversial and often misunderstood concept of mirroring. David begins by disclosing the scientific basis of mirroring. He then shows evidence that demonstrates how mirroring will enhance a sales person’s effectiveness. The white paper concludes with five specific ways that sales people can utilize mirroring to increase their ability to positively influence prospects.

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