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11 Biggest Mistakes Sales Professionals Make in Their Presentations

This guest post is by renowned speech coach and sales trainer Patrica Fripp.  Join Patricia and David Hoffeld onThursday, November 17, 2016 at 2:00pm PST, when they collaborate to bring you a web event based on David’s new bookThe Science of SellingRegister and enjoy a replay even if you can’t attend this complimentary web event. In the meantime, continue reading as Patricia shares the 11 biggest mistakes sales professionals make in their presentations. Read More 11 Biggest Mistakes Sales Professionals Make in Their Presentations »

Sales Innovation Does Not Occur By Looking In The Mirror

In the past, sales leaders attempted to innovate by looking for best practices.  That is to say, they look at what top salespeople are doing and implore others to go and do likewise.  In other words, we attempt to innovate by replicating what others like us are doing.

What have the results been from these attempts to use the mirror as a tool for innovation?  Not good.  The data reveals that nearly half of all salespeople fail to meet their quota and many of the most commonly taught sales behaviors hinder potential customers from making a positive buying decision.  In short, there is an alarming problem! Read More Sales Innovation Does Not Occur By Looking In The Mirror »

Do You Have A Sales Growth Mindset?

For years, many in the sales community have operated with the belief that success in selling is dependent on innate communication skills and a gregarious personality. The assumption has been, if you didn’t have “it”, you couldn’t be taught it.  However, a tidal wave of scientific research studying what makes people successful has disproven that theory in recent decades. Though some people do have heightened levels of natural ability, to become a top performing sales person, talent is not enough.  Because of the exceptionally crowded marketplace, you must continually improve your knowledge and skills.  In other words, to be successful in sales today – you must sell beyond your natural ability.

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The Science of Sales Leadership

People have been writing about leadership—what makes a good leader, what makes a bad one, and how come—since just about as long as there have been leaders (Marcus Aurelius, Sun Tzu, et al.). It’s only relatively recently that the study of leadership has taken a scientific turn. Now, behavioral scientists are discovering some dimensions of leadership that turn conventional wisdom sideways. Here are four of the more surprising habits that, according to contemporary researchers, the most effective leaders typically share.

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Why Extroverts Make Poor Sales People

Traditional sales wisdom claims that the best sales people are extroverts. They are outgoing, social individuals who are believed to be so naturally gifted that they can “sell ice to Eskimos.” What’s more, often when hiring sales people, managers will use personality tests to identify those who are extroverts. Potential candidates are posed questions like, “When at a party are you more likely to be the center of attention or remain in the background?” Every sales person who has ever been asked such a question knows that the desired answer is the one that demonstrates that he or she is the life of the party. There is just one problem with the longstanding belief that top sales people are extroverts. It has been proven wrong by modern science.

The Extrovert Myth

There is an abundance of scientific research that has shattered the myth that elite sales people are extroverts. One such example was a meta-analysis published in the International Journal of Selection and Assessment that examined the findings of 35 different research studies. The conclusion of this comprehensive study was that there is no causal relationship between extroversion and heightened levels of sales performance.

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