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Sales Innovation Does Not Occur By Looking In The Mirror

In the past, sales leaders attempted to innovate by looking for best practices.  That is to say, they look at what top salespeople are doing and implore others to go and do likewise.  In other words, we attempt to innovate by replicating what others like us are doing.

What have the results been from these attempts to use the mirror as a tool for innovation?  Not good.  The data reveals that nearly half of all salespeople fail to meet their quota and many of the most commonly taught sales behaviors hinder potential customers from making a positive buying decision.  In short, there is an alarming problem! Read More Sales Innovation Does Not Occur By Looking In The Mirror »

What is Science-Based Selling?

What enables one salesperson to outsell another? Why does one sales process produce superior results, while others do not? The good news is there’s a clear, science-based answer to these questions. Over the past few decades, there has been an explosion of scientific research on how the human brain makes choices and which factors influence what we say, how we act, and what we decide to buy. Today we know that heightened levels of sales performance are a result of how closely aligned sales behaviors are with how the brain naturally creates a buying decision.  In other words, the more your way of selling mirrors how your buyers’ brains are influenced and naturally form buying decisions, the more successful you will be.  Read More What is Science-Based Selling? »

Do You Have A Sales Growth Mindset?

For years, many in the sales community have operated with the belief that success in selling is dependent on innate communication skills and a gregarious personality. The assumption has been, if you didn’t have “it”, you couldn’t be taught it.  However, a tidal wave of scientific research studying what makes people successful has disproven that theory in recent decades. Though some people do have heightened levels of natural ability, to become a top performing sales person, talent is not enough.  Because of the exceptionally crowded marketplace, you must continually improve your knowledge and skills.  In other words, to be successful in sales today – you must sell beyond your natural ability.

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3 Ways Sales Teams Can Use Behavioral Science

Education, marketing and economics are just a few of the growing number of disciplines that have realized that the insights derived from behavioral science are just too significant to ignore. Even the United States Government has recently stated that it will begin using behavioral science to design policies to better serve its citizens.

Behavioral science research analyzes human behavior and then creates evidence-based strategies that can explain and even predict how people will behave in certain situations.

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3 Scientifically Proven Behaviors that Lead to Success

In the past, success was thought to result from some combination of inborn talent, timing, and luck. But advances in behavioral science are rapidly reshaping that picture. We now know there are several behaviors that can predictably lead to improved performance. Anyone who practices them is more likely to succeed at what they set out to do. Here’s a look at three of them.

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The Science of Buying Decisions

In the past, many believed that when people made buying decisions they did so in a rational, logical manner. Today, behavioral science has proven this notion incorrect. There have been thousands of scientific studies which have revealed that when people make decisions they do not engage in a rational, cost-benefit analysis, but instead rely upon a set of fixed psychological principles.

This is extremely important for sales people to grasp because when sales people align their selling behaviors with these psychological principles they are literally selling the way that science has proven human beings are wired to buy.

The following are 2 examples of the scientific principles that govern human behavior.

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