Sales Consulting

The foundation of our sales consulting is both research in social psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics and our own research on the internal and external determiners of sales performance.  We know what enables and creates high levels of sales results and we are relentless about helping our clients increase their sales.

While our consulting services are completely customized for each of the situations that our clients face, our consulting tends to fall into 3 main categories: 

Assessments:  We are experts at finding the issues that are hindering sales performance and quickly correcting them.  Assessments are a vital part of this process because they reveal what is causing the low sales production.  Our assessments are not the typical automated or non-personal assessments, which have been proven unreliable by behavioral science.  We use dynamic, sales specific assessments that reveal how sales effectiveness can be improved.

Discover & Architecture Sessions:  A lack of sales is a symptom of a problem.  Our Discover and Architecture sessions allow our team of experts to dive into your organization and develop an in-depth understanding of your people, culture, sales processes, compensation plans, structure, management practices, products or services, customers and prospects.  After we have conducted our discovery, we document our findings and architect a plan of action to increase your sales results.

Customized Solutions:  Every client is different and as a result our sales consulting solutions are customized to the unique needs of our clients.  Often, we are brought in to devise a plan to sell a new product, create a new sales process, provide insights on a key hire or create a multi-pronged strategy to outsell a competitor.  Regardless of the task, our team will skillfully assess the issue and then devise and deploy a solution.


Are you ready to align your sales approach with science and take your sales to the next level?  Contact us today.