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At Hoffeld Group, we’ve developed a revolutionary, science-backed sales approach that is proven to dramatically increase sales results.   And when we say science, we mean it.  We study scientific disciplines such as social psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics, which explain how influence occurs and how the brain creates a buying decision. 

What makes this revolutionary, science-based approach to selling so radically different than other traditional sales methods is who it’s focused on.  Unlike most sales systems, we don’t survey  groups of salespeople looking for some sales tips or best practices.  Instead, we focus on what selling should always be centered on — buyers.  Well, more specifically, what science has proven regarding how your potential customers’ formulate buying decisions.  Because the research confirms that the closer your way of selling is with the brain’s decision-making process, the more effective you will be.

We are the experts at applying science to selling.  In fact, the CEO and chief sales trainer at Hoffeld Group, David Hoffeld literally wrote the book on science-based selling. His book The Science of Selling is considered to be the authority on how to improve sales effectiveness by basing sales behaviors on how the brain makes decisions.

Bottom line:  If you are ready to shorten your sales cycles, grow your market share and improve your sales production contact us today.

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