Increase Your Influence

We live in a knowledge based economy.  Yet, it is not enough to simply have knowledge.  To fuel success, you must be able to effectively communicate that knowledge.  This is why influence is so important.  Influence is what inspires others to take an idea seriously and act upon it. 

In the last few decades there have been thousands of scientific studies focused on obtaining an exact understanding of what creates and enables influence. The conclusions of this mountain of research have revolutionized what behavioral scientists know regarding the measurable and repeatable principles that generate influence.

Workshop Overview  
In this ground-breaking, practical workshop you will learn how to apply the proven science of influence to the situations and challenges that you face every day.  At the conclusion of this workshop you will have an understanding of how to ethically present your ideas in a way that will prompt others to take them seriously and act upon them. 

What You Will Receive 
Those who attend this workshop will receive a workbook that contains workshop notes, exercises and case studies. 

Who Should Attend
The workshop is designed for everyone in an organization who desires to learn research based strategies that will increase their ability to influence others. 

Workshop Availability 
This workshop is available online (8 weeks for 1.5 hours per week) or in a classroom for 2 full days. 

Workshop ROI
The debate over whether or not influence matters is no longer valid. Now the question is, “Are you skilled at influencing others?” Your ability to influence others will de­termine your level of professional success and impact the quality of your life. Therefore, it demands your attention.

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