Selling with Stories

A well composed and conveyed story will often change the course of a sale.  The reason stories are so influential is because of how the brain processes them.  Scientific research has shown that the brain processes stories differently than it does statements of facts or assertions of value.  The research has also revealed that the way a story is communicated will determine how much the brain is persuaded by it. 

In this 2 day workshop you will learn the science of telling behavior altering stories.  During this highly interactive training, you will develop a pallet of compelling stories that you and those within your organization can use to strategically arouse behavior change from your prospects and customers.

Workshop Overview
In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to utilize stories to significantly increase your sales effectiveness.  You will learn:

  • How to amplify the persuasiveness of your stories by aligning the way a story is presented with how the human brain processes information
  • Where in the sale you should communicate your stories for maximum strategic impact
  • How to craft and tell stories that prompt behavioral change by focusing on the four essential parts of persuasive stories.
  • Apply what you are learning by creating and sharing numerous types of stories that you can use when selling.

What You Will Receive
Those who attend this workshop will receive a workbook that contains workshop notes, exercises and case studies. 

Who Should Attend 
This innovative 2 day workshop is designed for sales people, managers, trainers and business leaders, who desire to master the science of telling compelling stories that inspire, challenge and motivate behavior change. 

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