The Science of Sales Management

Research has confirmed that the way a sales manager leads a sales team is one of the primary factors that will determine how that sales team performs.  Poor sales managers rarely create and sustain great sales teams, while skilled sales managers inspire greatness in those around them.

Workshop Overview
The insights you need to take your management effectiveness to the next level are waiting for you at the Science of Sales Management Workshop.  In this revolutionary workshop you will learn research based sales management practices that will empower you to create and sustain sales teams that dominate their market space.  The workshop includes case studies, real world practice scenarios and thought provoking ideas that are focused on the specific areas that drive sales results.

This powerful workshop covers vital management topics such as
  • The Science of Coaching Sales People
  • Sales Management Best Practices
  • 5 Essential Characteristics of Elite Sales Managers
  • How to Conduct Productive Sales Meetings
  • The Science of Motivating Sales People
  • The Research Based Competence Hiring Method®

What You Will Receive
When you attend this workshop you will receive a workbook that contains workshop notes, exercises and case studies.  Also, included in this interactive class is a coaching session with the CEO of the Hoffeld Group, David Hoffeld.  In this coaching session, David will work with you to devise a plan to implement the concepts taught in the class to your unique sales environment. 

Who Should Attend   
This workshop, which is available online (12 weeks for 1.5 hours per week) or in a classroom for 2 full days is designed for the busy sales leader who desires to learn research based sales management practices that will inspire greatness.

Workshop ROI
After taking our Science of Sales Management Workshop, sales leaders report that their ability to hire, coach and manage sales people drastically improves, which also enhances the results their sales people generate. 

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