7 Scientifically Proven Ways To Increase Your Charisma

Some people just seem to have it.  The way they communicate energizes others and causes people to want to be around them.  They have what is commonly referred to as charisma. 

This is no small matter because charisma improves the likelihood of success in almost every area of life.  Charismatic people are able to inspire others to take what they say seriously and act on it. 

Because of its importance, charisma has fascinated social scientists for decades.  The good news is that charisma is no longer viewed as a mysterious gift that only a few people are endowed with.  Today, we know that it is something that anyone can develop.  The research confirms that there are certain behaviors that create the perception of charisma. 

Here are seven behaviors that charismatic people regularly display.

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What Science Says Creates Sales Success

In the past, the factors that underlined sales success were thought to be a mixture of innate talent, timing and luck.  However, because of modern breakthroughs in behavioral science, there has been a codification of the causal behaviors that empower heightened levels of performance.  These behaviors are learnable and anyone who adopts them will significantly increase the likelihood of achieving their goals.

The following are 3 scientifically proven principles of sales success:

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The Science-Based Habits of Great Presenters

What makes someone an effective presenter?  Why do some sales people seem to effortlessly captivate their buyers, while others struggle just to keep them awake? 

The way you present your ideas matters because it is often the deciding factor in whether or not your message will be met with acceptance or rejection.  Neuroscientist Gregory Berns summarizes this reality with the insightful statement, “A person can have the greatest idea in the world – completely different and novel –but if that person can’t convince enough other people, it doesn’t matter.”

So what makes great presenters so effective?  The answer is found in their habits.  Top presenters create presentation habits that help their audiences mentally process what they are conveying.   The exciting news is that anyone who engages in these habits can also instantly improve his or her presentation skills.  Here are five of the habits that top presenters have.

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