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Hoffeld Group offers a wide range of sales solutions that will take your sales to the next level.

Virtual Sales Training

Get access to the sales strategies you need, the moment you need them. Hoffeld Group Virtual Sales Training is an on-demand, mobile-friendly, science-based learning management system.

Our Virtual Sales Training allows learners to obtain mastery of training by focusing on both understanding and execution. Learners are provided short, easily digestible videos, then tested for comprehension. They can then participate in real-world sales simulations that allow them to practice and receive feedback on how they apply what they’ve learned. The result is a learning experience that has been proven to rapidly boost sales effectiveness.

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Our workshops are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to excel in today’s hyper-competitive selling climate. Each workshop provides practical, real-world content based on groundbreaking scientific research.

Past participants rave that our workshops are highly interactive, engaging, and cultivate behaviors necessary to amplify sales effectiveness. Throughout every workshop learners are given customized, real-world sales “case studies” that guide them in thinking through and applying the strategies they are learning.

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Our keynote speaker, David Hoffeld will inspire and challenge your audience with fresh strategies and compelling stories. Audiences rave about David’s entertaining presentation style. He weaves stories, humor and science together in a way that engages audiences and provides them with proven strategies they can use immediately and for years to come.

Whether delivering a keynote, speaking at a sales conference or leading a kick-off meeting, David does not believe in canned presentations. Every audience is different and he customizes to deliver the precise message that particular audience needs to propel them towards success.

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Coaching and Consulting

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, if you are not improving, you are falling behind. Hoffeld Group’s sales coaching and consulting is designed to give you the customized insights you need to increase your sales production.

We can guide you through your sales challenges, from coaching sales leaders and improving hiring processes, to designing a new sales process or a multi-pronged strategy to neutralize your toughest competitor. Whatever your needs, we’ll create custom solutions to help you achieve your sales goals.

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“Sales trainer David Hoffeld has built his selling methods on a solid foundation of science. Let his research-based insights into why people buy help you increase sales and retain loyal customers.”

—Daniel H. Pink, Author of To Sell Is Human

You want to improve sales. We’ll make it happen.

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