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Hoffeld Group has a true research foundation and practical approach.
— Frank Cespedes, Harvard Business School

We Literally Wrote The Book On

Science-Based Selling.

The Science of Selling Is The First Book That Reveals How To Align How You Sell With How The Brain Naturally Creates A Buying Decision.

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A terrific book!
— Daniel H. Pink, author of To Sell Is Human

Hoffeld Group Difference

By using social psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics – the study of how the brain is influenced and makes buying decisions – we’re able to create sales training that drive buying behaviors and improve sales results.

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What others are saying

“David Hoffeld has built his selling methods on a solid foundation of science. Let his research-based insights into why people buy help you increase sales and retain loyal customers.” 

— Daniel H. Pink, author of TO SELL IS HUMAN

“There is so much bogus advice and wasted effort in sales. But Hoffeld Group has a true research foundation and practical approach. It helps firms separate signal from noise in their selling, training, and business development activities.”

— Frank Cespedes, Harvard Business School

“David Hoffeld is a pioneer when it comes to connecting selling with science.”

— Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO at Selling Power

“David Hoffeld is a genuine sales expert who offers some of the freshest thought-leadership on sales that I have heard in a long, long time.  His evidence-based sales strategies provide real solutions to the challenges that sales people face.”

— Dave Stein, Principal at DaveStein.biz

“Hoffeld Group’s innovative sales insights are backed by real science and have been proven to increase sales.  I would recommend Hoffeld Group’s training to any sales person or sales leader who wants to improve their sales results.” 

— Kristian McKenzie, Oracle

“I saw our sales rise by over 310% because of the training the Hoffeld Group provided.  It was absolutely amazing!”

— Joseph Wheaton, Shell

“I had been through many training courses, but none that brought me to the level that Hoffeld Group’s training did.  I became the #1 salesman in the entire company, all thanks to the unique style that the Hoffeld Group taught me.”

— Jeremy Hussey, ReBath

“David is a phenomenal presenter!”

— Matthew Berg, Microsoft

“Hoffeld Group’s research based approach removes the guess work from influence and provides science-based strategies that work in the real world.”

— Dennis Jenson, US Army

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