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Virtual Sales Training

The first sales training platform with both content and delivery based on science.

Sales training content based on the science of how our brains form trust, perceive high levels of value, and make buying decisions.

Delivery rooted in the science of educational and cognitive psychology that reveals how our brains master new sales skills.

Comprehensive sales training, 20 courses including

  • Sales Mindset
  • Asking High Value Questions
  • How Buying Decisions Are Formed
  • Obtaining Commitments
  • Parts Of The Sale
  • Developing New Business
  • Sales Presentations
  • Psychology of Selling
  • Selling With Stories
  • Improving Sales Performance
  • Neutralizing Competitors
  • Negotiation
  • Qualities of Sales Success
  • Objections
  • Reframing
  • Why Prospects Buy
  • Team-Based Selling
  • Selling & Emotions
  • Sales Leadership
  • Improving Sales Skills

The training you need, the moment you need it


Watch 145 fast-moving video modules that cover all aspects of selling. Each video is under 10 minutes long and is highly actionable.

Quizzes and tests

Challenge yourself with 165 dynamic quizzes and tests that each pull from a large bank of questions, ensuring you obtain mastery.

Real-world simulations

Practice on nearly 80 sales simulations with real-world feedback throughout that will help you consistently improve your sales abilities.

Badges and certification

Earn badges for each course you complete; after passing all 20 courses you’ll become certified in Hoffeld Group’s selling methodology.


View in-depth, real-time reporting that allow you to monitor learners’ progress and performance.


Get access to our full collection of articles, white papers and web events.

24/7 Access

Learn wherever, whenever, on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Our Virtual Sales Training is...


There is only one reason to invest in sales training: to create long-term, sustainable growth. Our virtual sales training allows for ongoing, day-to-day improvement and true mastery of the training content.


You’re busy and don’t have time to stop selling to train. Our on-demand sales training gives you maximum flexibility because it’s available whenever you are and will give you results in just a few minutes a day.


Hoffeld Group’s virtual sales training covers everything you need to know to be successful at selling, all at a fraction of the cost of attending numerous workshops.

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