What We Do

Hoffeld Group’s sales training, sales coaching and sales consulting are based on solid neuroscience and behavioral science research and designed to equip you with the insights you need to thrive in today’s challenging selling climate.  

The services that we provide for our clients fall into four main categories: 

Sales Training:   Sales training must be focused on one thing – improving sales results.  Our evidence-based sales training has been scientifically proven to equip sales people with the knowledge and skills necessary to increase their sales production.  

Sales Consulting:  We know the key external and internal factors that determine sales success.  We’ll thoroughly assess your situation, identify opportunities to significantly increase your sales and then architect a custom, science-backed solution to make it happen.      

Sales Coaching: There is an abundance of scientific research that has shown that to achieve and maintain heightened levels of performance you need a competent coach.   We are experts at both helping companies improve their competency in coaching sales people and providing no-nonsense, highly customized sales coaching that empowers sales people in attaining extraordinary results. 

Speaking: Our keynote speeches and breakout sessions engage audiences and empower them with actionable science-backed insights that will boost their sales effectiveness.  Every audience is different and we customize each presentation so it delivers the precise message that audience needs to propel them towards success.

Don’t Lose Sales That Should Be Yours

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