Sales Coaching

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, if sales people are not improving, they are falling behind.  Our sales coaching is legendary for equipping sales people with the insights they need to increase their sales production.  We have scrutinized the scientific research that discloses how extraordinary levels of performance are achieved and maintained.  We then took these research findings and applied them in thousands of sales coaching sessions.  We know what works and we can guide you in improving your sales. 

Coaching ROI

Those who receive coaching from the Hoffeld Group report that their sales grow beyond what they thought possible.   Our practical, highly customizable sales coaching takes our clients’ sales to the next level and we can do the same for you.

Our coaching plans are tailored to:

Sales people and sales teams who need to boost their sales results:   Whether for an individual or the sales team at your company, our coaching is designed to increase your sales effectiveness.  We begin with identifying the causes of the gap between where you are and where you need to be to achieve your sales goals.  Then we will devise a workable plan to eliminate that gap. 

Sales managers who want to increase their competency coaching sales people:   Sales people need competent sales coaching.  Unfortunately, sales managers are usually left to figure out how to coach their sales people through trial and error.   This is not only unnecessary, but because of the direct link between sales coaching and sales performance, it is dangerous. 

When we coach sales managers on how to conduct highly productive coaching sessions, we address key areas such as: 
  • How to quickly and accurately evaluate sales people
  • The primary reasons why sales are lost
  • The common internal and external factors that limit sales performance
  • The scientific principles that undergird productive sales coaching
  • The differences between sales coaching and training
  • Sales motivation
  • How to conduct a coaching session that achieves measurable results
  • Ways to achieve buy-in from a sales person
  • Productive ways to hold sales people accountable
  • How to overcome common obstacles when coaching

Don’t Lose Sales That Should Be Yours

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