Science-Based Sales Training

There Is An Astonishing Gap Between The Latest Science And Modern Sales Training

Did you know that many of the most common sales behaviors drive down sales performance?  Or that nearly half of salespeople fail to meet their quotas every year?  Here’s why.

Sales training is what equips salespeople with the knowledge and skills they use when selling.  However, the majority of sales training is grounded in outdated ideas that are simply ineffective in today’s complex, hypercompetitive business climate.  The marketplace has changed, but our methods for selling have not.  

So what should sales training be based on? There’s only one right answer to this question:  How your buyers’ brains create buying decisions.  That’s where science comes in.

Today, because of the many advances in social psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics, we know the specific factors that influence buying decisions.  Because our sales training is based on this science, it will guide you in selling the way your customers’ brains make purchasing decisions.  This harmony between the buyer and seller amplifies the probability of the sale.  In fact, it’s no longer necessary to guess why top producers perform better than average ones. Armed with scientific data, we now have the tools to improve any salesperson’s performance.

Is your sales training based on the science the reveals how your customers make buying decisions?  Shouldn’t it be? 

Make sure that the way you sell isn’t costing you customers and revenue.  Contact us today.