The Science of Having More Confidence

Over the last few decades there have been many research studies that have delved into the science of confidence.  The findings of this research convey clear, science-based strategies that will guide anyone in becoming more confident.  This is no small matter because the research also confirms that having confidence in oneself enhances how others perceive you. 

For instance, a study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for Behavioral Decision Research found that displaying confidence was more influential in establishing trust than past performance.[1]   As David DeSteno aptly wrote in his article in the Harvard Business Review, “Confidence is so alluring that we’re often willing to trust anyone who expresses it, especially when money or other resources are at stake.”[2]

Additional research has also concluded that having confidence in oneself improves performance.  For instance, the research findings of behavioral scientists Albert Bandura and Robert Wood revealed that self-confidence enriched problem solving, adaptability and overall effectiveness.[3]

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