Don’t Try Harder, Get Better

Surveys have consistently found that approximately 42% of all sales people fail to meet their quota.  Many of these sales people work hard and desperately want to be successful, yet they still struggle.  They often thrown their hands up in frustration and proclaim, “I am doing my best.” 

This declaration reveals the answer to their situation.  Stop doing your best.  Instead, get better.  Everyone has experienced times when their best was not good enough.  In those situations each of us has two options:  accept failure or get better. 

Selling is about results.  No one pays commission on how hard you try.  The harsh reality is that your best does not matter, results do.  When top sales people find that their best is not enough they acquire new knowledge and skills that equip them to sell more.  So the question never is, “are you doing your best?”  Rather, the question always is “what are you doing to get better?”

Adopting the belief that you must improve will empower you to further cultivate your sales ability.  No one stumbles into greatness.  A heightened level of competency in selling only comes through the hard work of continual improvement. 

So don’t try harder… get better.

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