The Future of Selling

Future of Selling

The profession of sales is on the verge of a revolution that will change it forever.  Early adopters who have embraced this revolution are experiencing a significant competitive advantage that is causing their sales production and market share to explode.  

Every sales leader knows that the world of selling has changed and the profession of sales must also adapt.  The current marketplace is more challenging than any that preceded it.  Technology has allowed prospects to quickly find potential providers who offer products or services that may meet their needs.  This has created a hyper-competitive selling environment, where sales people must battle competitors for every sale.  To further complicate the situation, surveys indicate that prospects are often completing roughly 60% of their buying process before beginning a dialogue with a sales person.

The profession of sales is anxiously waiting for the next innovation to guide it through this unprecedented time.  Many sales leaders expected future of sales to be driven by new technology.  They believed that the recent technological advancements would transform the profession of sales and usher it into a new era.  They were wrong.

Though technology is a powerful sales tool that cannot be ignored, the coming revolution will not be a technological revolution, but a psychological revolution.  It will not be based on selling better products or services, but on selling products or services better.

Never before in human history has there been so much scholarly research that identified how humans are influenced.  Scientists have classified the repeatable principles that govern human behavior.  While it is true that human beings are dynamic, they are also predictable.  In fact, it is rare that the cause of a human behavior cannot be explained by social scientists. 

This proven science is extremely relevant to the profession of selling because it guides sales people in behaving in ways that will enhance their ability to sell.  Yet, since this scientific research has been hidden away in academic journals, most sales people were unaware of its existence. 

Today, this is no longer the case.  This science is now available to sales people.  The results are when sales people align their sales behaviors with these psychological principles they are literally selling the way that science has proven human beings are hardwired to buy. 

Selling with proven science is the future of selling.  It is the revolution that will sweep through the profession of sales.  However, today, we know that this future revolution is not far off.  The future is here.

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