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Hoffeld Group sales solutions are grounded in proven science and provide the insights that sales people and sales leaders need to dominate in today’s selling climate.


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At Hoffeld Group we’ve created a revolutionary, science-based approach to selling that is proven to boost sales results.  This is what makes us different:  We focus on what science has proven regarding how the brain makes a buying decision and then we create sales strategies that are aligned with that science.  And when we say science, we mean it.  Our firm studies scientific disciplines such as, social psychology, communication theory, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, social neuroscience and behavioral economics. We then take this science out of the laboratory and academic journals and apply it to selling.  The results are a way of selling that is grounded in hard evidence and has been shown to significantly improve sales effectiveness.

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What others are saying

“There is so much bogus advice and wasted effort in sales. But Hoffeld Group has a true research foundation and practical approach. It helps firms separate signal from noise in their selling, training, and business development activities.”

— Frank Cespedes, Harvard Business School

“David Hoffeld is a genuine sales expert who offers some of the freshest thought-leadership on sales that I have heard in a long, long time.  His evidence-based sales strategies provide real solutions to the challenges that sales people face.”

— Dave Stein, Principal at DaveStein.biz

“The Hoffeld Group is on the leading edge with translating scientific research into actionable sales strategies that lead to profitable outcomes.”

— Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO at Selling Power

“Hoffeld Group’s innovative sales insights are backed by real science and have been proven to increase sales.  I would recommend Hoffeld Group’s training to any sales person or sales leader who wants to improve their sales results.” 

— Kristian McKenzie, Oracle

“I saw our sales rise by over 310% because of the training the Hoffeld Group provided.  It was absolutely amazing!”

— Joseph Wheaton, Shell

“I had been through many training courses, but none that brought me to the level that Hoffeld Group’s training did.  I became the #1 salesman in the entire company, all thanks to the unique style that the Hoffeld Group taught me.”

— Jeremy Hussey, ReBath

“David is a phenomenal presenter!”

— Matthew Berg, Microsoft

“Hoffeld Group’s research based approach removes the guess work from influence and provides science based strategies that work in the real world.”

— Dennis Jenson, US Army